Bureau of Land Management Solar Energy Program Western Solar Plan
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Mitigation Strategy for the Milford Flats South SEZ

In the Solar PEIS, the BLM committed to establishing a solar regional mitigation strategy (SRMS) for each solar energy zone (SEZ). These regional mitigation strategies are expected to simplify and improve the mitigation process for future solar projects in SEZs.

In early 2016, the BLM began to develop the solar regional mitigation strategy (SRMS) for three Utah SEZs: the Escalante Valley, Milford Flats South, and Wah Wah Valley SEZs. SRMS development will be a public, stakeholder driven process. There will be opportunities to attend meetings and otherwise provide input as the SRMSs are developed.

Interested parties can learn more by visiting the project website at:

Updated: 3/3/2016