Bureau of Land Management Solar Energy Program Western Solar Plan
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ArcReader GIS Application

The geographic information system (GIS) data files available below for download contain geospatial data representing exclusions and other supporting data for use in ArcReader, a free desktop software application that allows users to zoom, pan, and query data for detailed analysis. ArcReader software is required to use the downloads on this page and is available on the Esri, Inc., website at: http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/arcreader/index.html.

Who Should Use the ArcReader GIS Application and Why

The ArcReader GIS Application is one of several ways to view and analyze spatial data related to BLM's Solar Energy Program as detailed in the Solar PEIS Record of Decision (ROD). Other options for viewing these data are available on the Solar Program Maps page and include:

The ArcReader GIS Application is a simplified, desktop version of Solar Mapper. Exclusions are the focus of new data provided subsequent to Solar PEIS ArcReader GIS data available through the Solar PEIS website, with an emphasis on discerning among the different classes of exclusions as presented in the Solar PEIS ROD. Data for the locations of pending and authorized applications on BLM-administered lands across the entire six-state study area are also available where applicable (there are none in Colorado and Utah).

ArcReader provides many of the same interactive tools as Solar Mapper (Zoom, Pan, and Find) but also offers markup tools and the ability to print letter-sized maps.

Data File Descriptions

Each download includes an ArcReader project (.pmf), an ArcMap project (.mxd), and the geospatial data (.gdb). The ArcMap project is provided for GIS professionals who already have ArcGIS software applications installed on their computers. See the Instructions for using the ArcReader project for additional guidance.

A list of data layers included for each ArcReader project is available below.

Arizona (15 KB)
California (19 KB)
Colorado (16 KB)
Nevada (16 KB)
New Mexico (15 KB)
Utah (17 KB)

Download Data Files

The following files are compressed Zip file archives containing multiple files. A separate data file is also provided for the pending and authorized applications on BLM-administered lands across the entire six-state study area.
Please Note: These files are large and may involve long download times.

GIS zip file
Authorized_and_First-in-Line_Pending_Applications_ArcReader_as_of_April_1_2015.zip (64 MB)
(For a list of authorized solar projects on BLM-administered lands as of December 2019, see BLM's Solar Energy Project Information spreadsheet. As updates become available, they can be accessed on BLM's Solar Energy page.)

Please Note: Geodatabases, as provided above, are the native format used for Solar Program data. Geospatial data in shapefile format are also available.

Need Help? Have Questions?

If you experience any problems downloading these files, need assistance, or have questions about the exclusion maps or mapping data, please contact the Webmaster at: [email protected].

Please Note: This website does not provide technical support for ArcReader software, and questions related to installation or operation of ArcReader or other software programs will not be answered.

Updated: 4/9/2020