Bureau of Land Management Solar Energy Program Western Solar Plan
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Two SEZs were identified in Arizona through the Record of Decision (ROD) for the Solar PEIS: Brenda SEZ and Gillespie SEZ.

Arizona has conducted a statewide planning effort for facilitating renewable energy development (the Restoration Design Energy Project or RDEP) that builds off of the Solar PEIS, for which a ROD was signed in January 2013.

The ROD for the RDEP identified an additional SEZ: the Agua Caliente SEZ in western Arizona.

As of April 2015, there was one pending application and two approved projects in Arizona.

Additional SEZ information and maps for each Arizona SEZ are available on the SEZ-specific web pages for Agua Caliente, Brenda, and Gillespie.

Solar Regional Mitigation Strategy

In the Solar PEIS, the BLM committed to establishing a solar regional mitigation strategy (SRMS) for each SEZ. These regional mitigation strategies are expected to simplify and improve the mitigation process for future solar projects in SEZs.

The SRMS final report is applicable to future solar development in the three Arizona SEZs. The document and additional information are available through the mitigation web pages for the Agua Caliente, Brenda, and Gillespie SEZs.

Updated: 9/25/2017