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Dry Lake SEZ Competitive Leasing

On May 30, 2014, the BLM Nevada State Office published a Notice of Competitive Auction for Solar Energy Development on Public Lands in the State of Nevada. This notice announced that the BLM would hold an oral auction on June 30, 2014, at the City of North Las Vegas Council Chambers, to select high bidders and preferred applicants to submit right-of-way applications for solar energy projects within the Dry Lake SEZ. The BLM offered approximately 3,083 acres of public land in 6 parcels within the SEZ, and used a competitive sealed and oral bid process to select preferred applicants to submit ROW applications and plans of development for solar energy development in the Dry Lake SEZ.

The auction was held as planned, and resulted in $5.8 million in aggregate bids for the six Dry Lake SEZ parcels that were offered. This represented a 90-fold premium over the aggregate minimum bid amount. BLM has issued a press release discussing the auction and its significance with respect to BLM's renewable energy development goals.

Documents that comprised the Dry Lake SEZ Bid Package are available below.

Map (2.0 MB)

Note: The BLM hosted a webinar for interested bidders on Tuesday, June 17 to discuss the bidding process and answer any questions regarding the competitive auction scheduled for June 30, 2014 for the Dry Lake SEZ. Notes from this webinar are now available.

During the webinar, a question was asked regarding the solar regional mitigation fee to be charged for projects within the SEZ. The BLM Southern Nevada District Office anticipates that the Dry Lake Mitigation Strategy recommended amount of $1,836 per acre will be the fee for regional offsite mitigation. This per acre mitigation does not include tortoise fees at the current rate of $836 per acre, bonding fees, or fees for other offsite mitigation measures that may be identified during the NEPA review of the Plan of Development for a specific project. The final regional mitigation fee is subject to NEPA review and final decision for a specific project. The BLM is conveying this information on anticipated costs to help potential applicants understand costs related to project development.

For more information regarding the auction contact Greg Helseth, Renewable Energy Project Manager, by telephone at 702-515-5173 or by email at ghelseth@blm.gov.

Updated: 7/2/2014