Bureau of Land Management Solar Energy Permitting and Program Resources

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is providing these updated Solar Energy Permitting Resources (formerly BLM Solar Energy Program website) to aid BLM staff, solar energy developers, other regulators, and the public in understanding:

  • Permitting requirements for utility-scale solar energy development on public lands, including Competitive Leasing and a Non-Competitive Process;
  • Program decisions and requirements established through the 2017 Competitive Leasing regulations and other planning activities; and
  • Information on activities and initiatives related to BLM's Solar Program.
Click on your area of interest in the map legend below for location-specific information: Arrow pointing down
Map showing the Western U.S. and Alaska. Areas noted include Solar Energy Zones, Designated Leasing Areas (DLAs), Variance Areas, Exclusion Areas, Protected Areas, BLM-Administered Land in States Outside 2012 Solar PEIS ROD Area, and Solar Planning Regions.
2013 Restoration Design Energy Project (RDEP) ROD and Land Use Plan Amendments DRECP ROD (Exclusion Areas) 2016 Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) ROD and Land Use Plan Amendment 2012 Solar PEIS Record of Decision (Solar PEIS ROD) BLM-Administered Lands Outside Solar PEIS ROD Area Legislative and Legally Protected Areas Solar PEIS ROD (Exclusion Areas) DRECP (Variance Areas) Solar PEIS ROD (Variance Areas) DRECP Development Focus Areas (DFAs) RDEP Renewable Energy Development Areas (REDAs) Solar PEIS Solar Energy Zones (SEZs)