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Arizona 2013 RDEP

The Restoration Design Energy Project (RDEP) was developed to:

  • identify geographic areas best suited for renewable energy,
  • establish land reuse goals, and
  • identify design features to protect resource values and uses.

The RDEP amended the following land use plans in Arizona: Arizona Strip Field Office RMP; Bradshaw-Harquahala RMP; Kingman Resource Area RMP; Lake Havasu RMP; Lower Sonoran RMP; Phoenix RMP; Safford RMP; and Yuma RMP.

The RDEP identified:

  1. 192,100 acres of Renewable Energy Development Areas (REDAs) in Arizona (defined as designated leasing areas [DLAs] in the 2017 updates to right-of-way [ROW] regulations), areas where solar and wind energy development is likely to be compatible with resource objectives; and
  2. 2,500 acre Agua Caliente SEZ where utility-scale solar energy development may be considered and could be approved without a plan amendment.

In addition to incorporating the best management practices (BMPs) of the Wind PEIS Record of Decision (ROD) and design features of the 2012 Western Solar Plan, the RDEP includes a suite of design features specific to Arizona that establish the minimum specifications for managing individual renewable energy projects and mitigating adverse impacts. Appropriate design features must be incorporated into project-specific plans of development, plans of operation, and ROW grants.

Additional information is available about the permitting process for solar energy projects within DLAs, including REDAs.