Bureau of Land Management Solar Energy Program Western Solar Plan
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Multiagency Avian-Solar Collaborative Working Group

In January 2016, the BLM joined with other federal and state agencies to establish a multiagency Avian-Solar Collaborative Working Group (CWG) to address emerging issues related to potential avian-solar impacts. Specifically, the CWG has been established to promote better understanding of avian-solar issues and to develop an Avian-Solar Science Coordination Plan that will provide a framework for future research needed to support agency decisions regarding utility-scale solar development. The Science Coordination Plan (Plan) was published on November 30, 2016 (see below).

Other agencies participating in the CWG include the U.S. Department of Energy, Solar Energy Technologies Office (DOE); U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; U.S. Geological Survey; U.S. Department of Defense; and state energy and wildlife agencies from Arizona, California, and Nevada.

To subscribe to receive emails regarding the CWG activities, including announcements about the release of documents and future public workshops and webinars, please send a request to [email protected].

CWG Documents and Events

The CWG has issued a number of documents and hosted several public events. CWG documents and information about past CWG events are available below.

Multiagency Avian-Solar Collaborative Working Group Science Coordination Plan and Fact Sheet Available

The multiagency Avian-Solar Collaborative Working Group (CWG) has released the final 2016 Avian-Solar Science Coordination Plan (PDF, 2.0 MB). The objectives of this Plan are to identify and prioritize research on avian-solar interactions needed to better inform decisions on solar siting and permitting, and the implementation of monitoring, minimization, and mitigation measures.

The CWG has also prepared a Fact Sheet to summarize the Science Coordination Plan (PDF, 242 KB).

A summary of substantive changes to the draft Plan (PDF, 120 KB) was also prepared.

August 2018 Documents

2017 Avian-Solar Technical Symposium

A Technical Symposium on Avian-Solar Interactions was held on August 16, 2017, in Sacramento, California. The objectives of this technical symposium were to:

  • Share information about ongoing and planned research related to avian-solar interactions;
  • Discuss research goals, scope, methods, and results; and
  • Discuss opportunities regarding additional research needs to better understand avian-solar interactions.

More details about the 2017 symposium, along with the agenda and presentation files, can be found at the symposium website.

May 2016 Public Workshop

The multiagency CWG held a public workshop on May 10-11, 2016 in Sacramento, CA. The purpose of this workshop was to share information on avian-solar interactions and obtain public input regarding (1) the multiagency CWG, (2) related ongoing initiatives, (3) the purpose of the Avian-Solar Science Coordination Plan, and (4) preliminary elements of the plan.

Workshop documents, including presentation slides, are available below.

August 2016 Webinar

The CWG held a public webinar on Augusts 31, 2016 to present the draft Science Coordination Plan to the public and address initial stakeholder questions. In conjunction with the August webinar, a draft version of the Plan was released for public review and comments were accepted through mid-September 2016. Webinar documents are provided below.

For More Information

This webpage will be used to share additional information about the CWG activities moving forward, including downloadable copies of meeting materials and draft and final documents prepared by the CWG.

Links to relevant documents are provided below.

For more information about the CWG, please contact either Sandra Brewer, the current CWG Chair and BLM Nevada State Office Wildlife Program Lead (775-861-6626, [email protected]) or Amedee Brickey, the current CWG Co-chair and USFWS Region 8 Migratory Bird Program Deputy Chief (916-414-6480, [email protected]).

Updated: 8/2/2018