Bureau of Land Management Solar Energy Program Western Solar Plan
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Solar Energy Program-Related Maps

This page provides maps of areas associated with the Solar Energy Program. These maps will be periodically updated as new information becomes available. The maps require the free Adobe Reader.

Maps of Land Use Allocations and Exclusions under BLM's Solar Program

Maps presenting exclusion areas, variance areas, and solar energy zones on BLM-administered lands in the six-state study area are presented below.

For simplicity in viewing, the exclusion categories in these maps are grouped into four categories (representing the thirty-two specific exclusion categories listed and described in the Solar PEIS Record of Decision (ROD), Table A-2).

As described in the ROD, all future utility-scale solar energy development must be in conformance with the exclusions adopted through the Solar PEIS ROD and the associated land use plan amendments. Variance areas may change in the future as Land Use Plans are amended to adopt new exclusion areas.

The exclusion categories represented in these maps are the following:

  1. Habitat Exclusions (e.g., FWS Critical Habitat areas)
  2. Land Use Exclusions (e.g., Areas of Critical Environmental Concern)
  3. NLCS Exclusions (e.g., National Conservation Areas)
  4. Physical Exclusions (only Lands with Slopes Greater Than 5% and Lands with Solar Insolation Less Than 6.5 kWh/m2/day
Arizona (6.5 MB)
California (8.8 MB)
Colorado (4.7 MB)
Nevada (12.4 MB)
New Mexico (9.8 MB)
Utah (9.7 MB)

Maps of Land Use Allocations as a Result of the Solar PEIS Record of Decision

The Solar PEIS website provides maps showing variance areas in the six-state study area, as of publication of the Solar PEIS ROD. Changes in Land Use Plans over time may result in changes to Exclusion and Variance areas.

Updated: 10/25/2019