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There are three SEZs in Colorado identified through the 2012 Western Solar Plan: Antonito Southeast SEZ, De Tilla Gulch SEZ, and Los Mogotes East SEZ. Based on public input regarding additional cultural concerns, in November 2018 the BLM de-allocated the Fourmile East area (which had also been identified as an SEZ in the 2012 Western Solar Plan). This area is no longer available for utility-scale solar development. The information for the area compiled to support the 2012 Western Solar Plan is retained on this website as an archive.

Additional information and maps for each Colorado SEZ are available on the SEZ-specific web pages for Antonito Southeast, De Tilla Gulch, Fourmile East (former SEZ), and Los Mogotes East.

Solar Regional Mitigation Strategy

In the 2012 Solar PEIS, the BLM committed to preparing solar regional mitigation strategies (SRMSs) for the SEZs. These regional mitigation strategies were intended to simplify and improve the mitigation process for future solar projects in SEZs. The SRMS final report applicable to future solar development in the Antonito Southeast, De Tilla Gulch, and Los Mogotes East SEZs is available through the mitigation section of the web pages for the Antonito Southeast, De Tilla Gulch, and Los Mogotes East SEZs.

With IM-2019-018, the BLM established policy that compensatory mitigation could not be required as a condition for project approvals. However, with the issuance of IM 2021-038 on July 14, 2021, the BLM rescinded the previous IM-2019-018. The BLM expects to establish policies which are aligned with EO 13990, SO 3398, and the priorities of the Department. During this interim period offices should consider and implement compensatory mitigation on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with state office and national office program specialists and the Office of the Solicitor as needed.