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Southwestern Utah Cultural Heritage Values and Risk Assessment

The Southwestern Utah Cultural Heritage Values and Risk Assessment is a holistic approach to evaluating cultural resources, places of cultural importance, and historic and traditional land use patterns at a regional landscape scale. Using readily available spatial data and stakeholder input, the assessment aims to identify and document the current status of a variety of cultural resources that have shaped the collective history and cultural heritage of southwestern Utah; understand how various change agents (human development, climate change, wildfire, and invasive species) might affect those resources in the future; and help focus mitigation efforts on the most important and at-risk cultural resources in the region.

This project is being conducted in support of the Solar Regional Mitigation Strategy for three Solar Energy Zones in Utah; however, it can be used in developing future planning documents within the agency; aligning planning efforts among multiple agencies; and fostering future collaborations.

Meeting on December 14, 2016

The next meeting will be from 10am–noon Mountain Time on Wednesday, December 14th, at the Cedar City Field Office, following an all-day meeting on the Utah Solar Regional Mitigation Strategy on December 13th. We will be able to broadcast the cultural meeting as a webinar if you are interested but unable to attend in person. Part of the webinar will be focused on the cultural conservation elements to try to identify more specifically where resources may be known but not yet identified in the data we have collected to date.

Please RSVP to [email protected] by December 12, 2016 with whether you are attending in person or via webinar. You will be sent call-in/log-in information for the webinar via email.