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Plan of Development

Procedures for Issuing Solar Energy ROW Grants Applicant-initiated action BLM-initiated action Major milestone BLM Issues ROW Grant BLM Evaluates Application Terms and Conditions for Grants Developer Submits Application Due diligence Assignments Issue notice to proceed Rent and applicable fees Performance and reclamation bond Finalize cost recovery Finalize plan of development Conduct NEPA evaluation Reject or prioritize application Variance concurrence (if applicable) Competitive bidding (if applicable) Initiate early tribal and interagency outreach Determine applicant technical/financial capabilities Preliminary meetings Initiate cost recovery Plan of development Application filing fee
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A Plan of development (POD) must be submitted with the right‑of‑way (ROW) application.

POD includes:

  • General description of the proposed project and the scope of facilities (including the proposed solar technology, location of solar panels or reflectors, buildings, and other infrastructure such as transmission lines and roads).
  • Schedule for the submission of a more complete POD.
  • Address all known potential resource conflicts with sensitive resources and values, including special designations or protections, and include applicant-proposed measures to avoid, minimize, and compensate for such resource conflicts, if any;
  • Estimated schedule for constructing, operating, maintaining, and terminating the project.
  • Estimated life of the project and the proposed construction and reclamation techniques.
  • Map of the project, showing its proposed location and existing facilities adjacent to the proposal.
  • Statement of financial and technical capability to construct, operate, maintain, and terminate the project.
  • Plans, contracts, agreements, or other information concerning use of the ROW and its effect on competition.

The POD submitted with an application must be of sufficient detail (as determined by the BLM) to evaluate the suitability of the site for utility‑scale solar energy development. The BLM will determine if and when the information is of sufficient detail to start coordination activities.

The POD must be consistent with the development schedule and other requirements in the POD template (referenced at 43 CFR 2804.12 and available at https://www.blm.gov).