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Determine Applicant Technical/Financial Capabilities

Procedures for Issuing Solar Energy ROW Grants Applicant-initiated action BLM-initiated action Major milestone BLM Issues ROW Grant BLM Evaluates Application Terms and Conditions for Grants Developer Submits Application Due diligence Assignments Issue notice to proceed Rent and applicable fees Performance and reclamation bond Finalize cost recovery Finalize plan of development Conduct NEPA evaluation Reject or prioritize application Variance concurrence (if applicable) Competitive bidding (if applicable) Initiate early tribal and interagency outreach Determine applicant technical/financial capabilities Preliminary meetings Initiate cost recovery Plan of development Application filing fee
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The BLM will determine the technical and financial capabilities of the applicant upon receipt of a completed right-of-way (ROW) application. Evidence of financial and technical capability can include:

  1. Any previous successful experience in construction, operation, and maintenance of similar facilities on either public or non-public lands.
  2. Availability of sufficient capitalization to carry out development, including the preliminary study stage of the project and the environmental review and clearance process.
  3. Conditional or confirmed loan guarantees or power purchase agreements; interconnect agreements; engineering, procurement, and construction contracts; and supply contracts with credible third-party vendors for the manufacture and/or supply of key components for the solar energy project facilities.

IM 2017-099 provides guidance on the implementation of requirements to evaluate the technical and financial capabilities of an applicant or holder of a solar energy ROW grant.