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Preliminary Meetings

Procedures for Issuing Solar Energy ROW Grants Applicant-initiated action BLM-initiated action Major milestone BLM Issues ROW Grant BLM Evaluates Application Terms and Conditions for Grants Developer Submits Application Due diligence Assignments Issue notice to proceed Rent and applicable fees Performance and reclamation bond Finalize cost recovery Finalize plan of development Conduct NEPA evaluation Reject or prioritize application Variance concurrence (if applicable) Competitive bidding (if applicable) Initiate early tribal and interagency outreach Determine applicant technical/financial capabilities Preliminary meetings Initiate cost recovery Plan of development Application filing fee
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Within 6 months from the time the BLM receives the cost recovery fee, the applicant must schedule and hold two preliminary application review meetings.

The first meeting will be held with the appropriate BLM field office staff to discuss:

  • The general project proposal (verify LLC paperwork, SF-299, Geographic Information System [GIS] data for proposed area),
  • The status of BLM land use planning for the lands involved,
  • Potential siting issues or concerns,
  • Potential alternative site locations, and
  • The right-of-way application process.

A second meeting may be held after the BLM has accepted the application and after the Cadastral Boundary Evidence Review. It will be with appropriate Federal and State agencies and tribal and local governments. The purpose of the second meeting is to discuss:

  • potential environmental issues or concerns and additional studies,
  • timelines for the proposed project,
  • tribal and local governments contacts or issues to facilitate coordination of potential environmental and siting issues and concerns, and
  • determine applicable requirements under variance and resource management plans (RMPs), and best management practices (BMPs).

The applicant must also initiate early discussions with any grazing permittees that may be affected by the proposed project (43 CFR 4110.4‑2[b]).

BLM and the applicant may agree to hold additional preliminary application review meetings.