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Rent and Applicable Fees

Procedures for Issuing Solar Energy ROW Grants Applicant-initiated action BLM-initiated action Major milestone BLM Issues ROW Grant BLM Evaluates Application Terms and Conditions for Grants Developer Submits Application Due diligence Assignments Issue notice to proceed Rent and applicable fees Performance and reclamation bond Finalize cost recovery Finalize plan of development Conduct NEPA evaluation Reject or prioritize application Variance concurrence (if applicable) Competitive bidding (if applicable) Initiate early tribal and interagency outreach Determine applicant technical/financial capabilities Preliminary meetings Initiate cost recovery Plan of development Application filing fee
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A right-of-way (ROW) authorization for solar energy site-specific or project-area testing, or solar energy development requires:

  • an annual rent and fee (all authorization types), consisting of an acreage rent that must be paid prior to issuance of the authorization, and
  • a phased-in $2,000 per megawatt (MW) capacity fee rate for all technologies (payment required when energy generation begins). The MW capacity fee will vary depending on the size of the solar energy development project.

Both the acreage rent and the MW capacity fee are charged and calculated consistent with 43 CFR 2806.11 and prorated consistent with 43 CFR 2806.12.

The regulations describing rental fees for solar energy grants applicable in areas outside of DLAs are found in 43 CFR 2806.50, 43 CFR 2806.51, 43 CFR 2806.52, 43 CFR 2806.56, and 43 CFR 2806.58. On May 26, 2022, pursuant to the authority under the Energy Act of 2020, the BLM published reduced per acre rent rates and capacity fees in Chapter 6 of its Manual of Rent for Rights of Way to promote the greatest use of wind and solar energy resources on public lands.