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Notice of Competitive Offer

Major milestone BLM-initiated action Bidder/leasee-initiated action Due diligence Assignments Bonding Applicable fees Finalize plan of development Conduct NEPA evaluation (if not conducted prior to leasing) Cost recovery Rental payment Issue ROW lease Reject bids (if applicable) Bidding Variable offsets Notice of competitive offer Call for nominations(if applicable) Select and prepare parcels Initiate Competitive Process BLM ConductsCompetitive Offer BLM Selects Successful Bidder Terms and Conditions for Leases BLM Issues Notice to Proceed Procedures for Issuing Solar Energy ROW Leases Competitively
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The BLM will publish a notice in the Federal Register at least 30 days prior to the competitive offer and may use other notification methods, such as the Internet or a newspaper of general circulation in the area affected by the potential right-of-way (ROW).

  • The notice may be issued on BLM's own initiative, or in response to expressions of interest or nomination.

The Federal Register and other notices will include:

  1. The date, time, and location, if any, of the competitive offer;
  2. The legal land description of the parcel to be offered;
  3. The bidding methodology and procedures to be used in conducting the competitive offer;
  4. The minimum bid required;
  5. The qualification requirements for potential bidders;
  6. If a variable offset (which is a discount on the bonus bid of up to 20%) is offered the notice will include:
    1. the percent of each offset factor;
    2. how bidders may pre-qualify for each offset factor; and
    3. the documentation required to pre-qualify for each offset factor
    Potential variable offsets are described at 43 CFR 2809.16.
  7. The terms and conditions of the lease, including the requirements for the successful bidder to submit a plan of development for the lands involved in the competitive offer and any lease mitigation requirements, including compensatory mitigation for residual impacts associated with the ROW.

The BLM will notify potential bidders (those that nominated lands and paid the nomination fees) in writing of the decision to conduct a competitive offer at least 30 days prior to the offer.