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Initiate Competitive Process

Major milestone BLM-initiated action Bidder/leasee-initiated action Due diligence Assignments Bonding Applicable fees Finalize plan of development Conduct NEPA evaluation (if not conducted prior to leasing) Cost recovery Rental payment Issue ROW lease Reject bids (if applicable) Bidding Variable offsets Notice of competitive offer Call for nominations(if applicable) Select and prepare parcels Initiate Competitive Process BLM ConductsCompetitive Offer BLM Selects Successful Bidder Terms and Conditions for Leases BLM Issues Notice to Proceed Procedures for Issuing Solar Energy ROW Leases Competitively
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Lands inside designated leasing areas (DLAs) may be made available for solar energy development through a competitive leasing offer process established by the BLM.

  1. The BLM may include lands in a competitive offer on its own initiative.
  2. The BLM may solicit nominations by publishing a call for nominations.
  3. The BLM may consider informal expressions of interest suggesting lands to be included in a competitive offer.

The BLM will generally prioritize the processing of “leases” awarded under this subpart over the processing of non‑competitive “grant” applications under subpart 2804, including those that are “high priority” under 43 CFR 2804.35. High priority grant applications include lands outside of DLAs identified as appropriate for solar energy development; previously disturbed sites or lands adjacent them; lands designated as VRM Class IV, and lands identified as suitable for disposal in BLM land use plans.