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Variable Offsets

Major milestone BLM-initiated action Bidder/leasee-initiated action Due diligence Assignments Bonding Applicable fees Finalize plan of development Conduct NEPA evaluation (if not conducted prior to leasing) Cost recovery Rental payment Issue ROW lease Reject bids (if applicable) Bidding Variable offsets Notice of competitive offer Call for nominations(if applicable) Select and prepare parcels Initiate Competitive Process BLM ConductsCompetitive Offer BLM Selects Successful Bidder Terms and Conditions for Leases BLM Issues Notice to Proceed Procedures for Issuing Solar Energy ROW Leases Competitively
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The bidders may be eligible for an offset of up to 20 percent of the bonus bid based on the factors identified in the notice of competitive offer. The notice of competitive offer will identify each factor of the variable offset, the specific percentage for each factor that would be applied to the bonus bid, and the documentation required to be provided to the BLM prior to the day of the offer. The variable offset may be based on any of the following factors:

  1. Power purchase agreement;
  2. Large generator interconnect agreement;
  3. Preferred solar or wind energy technologies;
  4. Prior site testing and monitoring inside the designated leasing area;
  5. Pending applications inside the designated leasing area;
  6. Submission of nomination fees;
  7. Submission of biological opinions, strategies, or plans;
  8. Environmental benefits;
  9. Holding a solar or wind energy grant or lease on adjacent or mixed land ownership;
  10. Public benefits; and
  11. Other similar factors.

The BLM will determine the variable offset prior to the competitive offer.