Bureau of Land Management Solar Energy Program Western Solar Plan
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Notice to Proceed

All solar energy right-of-way (ROW) authorizations (grants and leases) will include a provision that specifies that ground-disturbing activities cannot begin until the BLM authorized officer issues a Notice to Proceed. Each Notice to Proceed will authorize construction or use and occupancy only as therein expressly stated and only for the particular location or use and occupancy therein described (i.e., a construction phase or site location). The holder will not initiate any construction or other surface-disturbing activities on the ROW without such prior written authorization of the BLM authorized officer. The issuance of a BLM Notice to Proceed by the authorized officer could be delayed pending completion of a requirement(s) imposed by another Federal, state, and/or local entity (e.g., permit issuance, mitigation compliance, or issuance of a biological opinion) (43 CFR 2807.10).

Updated: 12/11/2017